CENARIO RAMIREZ - filter roast



Roasted Tuesday 13th April 2021

This coffee was grown by Cenario Ramirez & his family at their farm La Montaña. Coffee cherries were selectively hand-picked, sorted for under or over-ripe cherries, de-pulped, dry fermented for 50 hours, washed then dried on raised beds until the moisture reached 11%. In 2015 Cenario joined a local cooperative who helped La Montaña to become certified organic.

*This lot is 100% Caturra - it is a mutation of Bourbon discovered in Brasil in 1937. The plant is a dwarf so it can be planted close together resulting in more production per hectare. Caturra has good flavour characteristics but is susceptible to disease.

  • Origin: Colombia
  • RegionPlanadas, Tolima
  • Farm: Finca La Montaña
  • Farmer: Cenario Ramirez
  • Crop: 2020
  • Altitude: 1900-2000 meters
  • CultivarCaturra*
  • Processing: Washed - extended fermentation
  • Flavour: Pear, fruitcake