DECAFF - RATNAGIRI ESTATE - single origin espresso roast


This coffee is part of the Swiss Water "Small Batch Series". It is a program of limited offerings that features seasonal, traceable, tasty coffees.

Ratnagiri Estate has been in business for over one hundred years. The owner Ashok has been working at modernising the farm, both in the field with planting & cultivar selection & at the mill using different processing techniques, washed, anaerobic & natural. 

Ashok has also invested in the people. Increasing worker training & wages.

This lot is a blend honey processed Catuai & washed Cauvery.

  • Origin: India
  • Region: Athigiri, Karnataka
  • Farmer: Ashok Patre
  • Farm: Ratnagiri Esate
  • Altitude: 1250-1450 meters
  • Crop: 2020-21
  • CultivarCatuai, Cauvery
  • Processing: Honey, washed