GUJI URAGA - espresso roast



Roasted Wednesday 22nd May 2019

This lot comes from the town of Uraga, which is situated between Shakiso in the east and Yirga Cheffe in the west. The coffee was grown by small-holder farmers in rich & fertile soils at very high altitudes alongside the family food crops.

The ripe cherries are brought to the washing station immediately after harvesting where they are de-pulped, graded, sorted, fermented under water for 36-48 hours, washed, sorted & placed on raised "African" drying beds where they are dried for 7-14 days.

vive l'Afrique.

  • Origin: Ethiopia
  • Region: Oromia
  • Farmer: Small holder farmers
  • Altitude: 2100-2310 masl
  • Cultivar: Ethiopian Heirloom
  • Processing: Washed, sun-dried
  • Flavour: Peach, mandarin

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