Alice Soto H1 [red honey] espresso

Roasted on 17 MAY 2024

About the farmer(s)

Alice Soto H1 [red honey] — Costa Rica

Alice's farm, Finca Garcilaso, is located just outside San José. A few years back Alice made the decision to completely renovate the farm, replacing most of the 42-acres of poorly producing plants with higher quality, disease resistant & more productive cultivars, like this H1 lot.

This coffee was processed using a semi-washed 'honey' method. After harvesting, the coffee cherries are de-pulped & then dried on raised beds with the sticky mucilage 'cherry flesh' still attached. The beans are in a pile no deeper than 10cm & are turned every 30 minutes. Drying takes 8-10 days. The more mucilage that is left on the bean, the darker the colour as it dries, with yellow honey being the least mucilage, black honey the most & red honey somewhere in the middle.

  • region Tres Rios
  • farm/farmer Finca Garcilaso
  • altitude 1350
  • crop 2023
  • process Red Honey

H1 is a cross between Sarchimor & Rume Sudan. It is resistant to coffee leaf rust, highly productive & has great flavour potential at high altitudes. It was developed by Instituto del Café de Costa Rica & first released in 2010

Brew guide

This is a light espresso roast. Roasted to bring out the fruity flavours of the coffee. This style of roast is best suited for black espresso based drinks. That said, you can still make a tasty flat white out of this roast.

  1. Black

    • dose 18g
    • Brew weight 40-45g
    • Brew time 25-30 seconds
  2. White

    • dose 18g
    • Brew weight 27-36g
    • Brew time 30 seconds

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