BENSA [natural] espresso

Bensa is a clean [for a natural] sweet coffee with flavours of black tea & subtle, strawberry bubblegum.

Roasted on 26 FEB 2024

About the farmers

Bensa [natural] — Ethiopia

This coffee was grown by small-holder farmers near Daye Bensa, a small town in the Sidama region of Southern Ethiopia. After harvesting, the coffee cherries were delivered to the wet mill of Elto Coffee, a specialty coffee business owned by Eliyas Dukamo & Atiklit Dejene. At the wet mill, the coffee was processed using the natural method, firstly they were sorted to remove under & over ripe cherries, foreign material, like sticks & leaves, & then placed on raised beds to dry for 15-18 days. The dried cherries were then left to rest for 30 days before the dried flesh was removed mechanically.

  • region Bensa, Sidama
  • farm/farmer Small-holder
  • altitude 1900-1950 meters
  • crop 2023
  • cultivar JARC 74158
  • process Natural

JARC 74158 was selected by the Jimma Agricultural Research Centre in 1974. It was a selection from a "mother" tree found in the Bishari Forest in the village of Metu. Out of 76 "mother" trees selected, 6 were resistant to Coffee Berry Disease, that had been detected in Ethiopia in 1971. JARC 74158 was released to farmers in 1979.

Brew guide

This is a light espresso roast. Roasted to bring out the fruity flavours of the coffee. This style of roast is best suited for black espresso based drinks. That said, you can still make a tasty flat white out of this roast.

  1. Black

    • dose 18g
    • Brew weight 40-45g
    • Brew time 25-30 seconds
  2. White

    • dose 18g
    • Brew weight 27-36g
    • Brew time 30 seconds

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