Bruno & Marco Franco Red Catuai [anaerobic honey] filter roast

This is a tasty Brasil, low in acidity with flavours of honey nougat & dried mango. 

Roasted 08 JUL 2024

      About the farmer(s)

      Bruno & Marco Franco Red Catuai [anaerobic — Brasil

      Bruno & Marco are fifth-generation coffee growers. Inhame was founded by their great-great-great-grandfather, Colonel Frederico Franco.
      Bruno has already planted a plot for the sixth generation, his son Antonio. This coffee is processed using an anaerobic honey method.
      The coffee is harvested ripe, sorted for any under or over-ripe fruit, placed in containers without oxygen for 36-48 hours, de-pulped & then sun-dried on concrete patios.

      • region Campos Altos
      • farm/farmer Inhame
      • altitude 1200 meters
      • crop 2023
      • cultivar Red Catuai
      • process Anaerobic honey

      Catuai is a cross between Mundo Novo & Caturra. It was developed in Brasil & released in 1972. The plant is a dwarf, highly productive with good cup quality.