Claudio Castro [H10 anaerobic natural] filter roast

This lot from Claudio is a great coffee. It's sweet, has a funky aroma & flavours of concord grape, barley sugar & greengage plum. It's more of a sit-down relaxing coffee than a - just got out of bed, I need to wake up coffee. Oh... & don't drink it all too quickly, brew it over 3-4 weeks to see how the flavours unfold.

Roasted on 16 MAY 2024

    About the farmer(s)

    Claudio Castro — Costa Rica

    Claudio's farm, Finca Chaparral, is located in San Rafael Desamparados, high above Costa Rica's capital city of San José. The farm has views over the city & the entire Central Valley region. The climate & soil are perfect for growing quality coffee. There is always a danger that the city will take over this productive farm land as San José rapidly expands. To combat this, in 2016, Claudio started redeveloping the farm, planting more productive, disease resistant coffee cultivars that produce better quality coffee like this H10 lot.

    This coffee was processed using the anaerobic natural method. After harvesting, the cherries were floated in water to remove any over or under-ripe cherries & foreign material - sticks, leaves etc. They were then dry fermented in concrete tanks for 48 hours, placed in 30kg capacity sealed steel tanks where the cherries fermented without oxygen for another 48 hours. Then spread out on raised beds to dry for around 15 days & finally rested for 30 days before the dried flesh was removed.

    • region San Rafael Desamparados
    • farm/farmer Finca Chaparral
    • altitude 1500 meters
    • crop 2023
    • cultivar H10
    • process Anaerobic Natural

    H10 is a cross between Sarchimor & Rume Sudan. It is resistant to coffee leaf rust, highly productive & has great flavour potential at high altitudes. It was developed by Instituto del Café de Costa Rica & first released in 2010