Della 74112, 74158 [natural] filter roast

This is a super tasty natural Ethiopian, floral with flavours of Earl Grey tea, blueberry & peach.

Roasted on 15 MAY 2024

About the farmer(s)

Della [natural] — Ethiopia

This coffee was grown by small-holder farmers near Daye Bensa, a small town in the Sidama region of Southern Ethiopia. After harvesting, the coffee cherries were delivered to the wet mill of Elto Coffee, a specialty coffee business owned by Eliyas Dukamo & Atiklit Dejene. At the wet mill, the coffee was processed using the natural method, firstly they were sorted to remove under & over ripe cherries, foreign material, like sticks & leaves, & then placed on raised beds to dry for 15-18 days. The dried cherries were then left to rest for 30 days before the dried flesh was removed mechanically.

  • region Sidama
  • farm/farmer Small-holder
  • altitude 1900-2200 meters
  • crop 2023
  • cultivar 74112, 74158
  • process Natural

JARC 74158 & 74112 are "Metu-Bishari" selections, chosen by the Jimma Agricultural Research Centre in 1974. It was a selection from a "mother" tree found in the Bishari Forest in the village of Metu. Out of 76 "mother" trees selected, 6 were resistant to Coffee Berry Disease, that had been detected in Ethiopia in 1971. These were released to farmers in 1979.