GISANGA - filter roast


lime cordial/packham pear

Roasted Wednesday 4th August 2021

This coffee is processed at the Gisanga Washing Station in the Southern province of Rwanda. The station is run in collaboration with the KOAPAMBU Cooperative, consisting of over 800 small-holder farmers in the central plateau.

The farmers harvest ripe coffee cherries & deliver them to the washing station. The cherries are then hand-sorted to remove any under or over-ripe cherries, de-pulped, wet fermented, washed, soaked in spring water & finally sun-dried on raised beds.

*This lot is 100% Red Bourbon is a natural mutation of Typica originating from La Réunion, formerly known as Île Bourbon. Cherries can be either red, yellow, orange or pink when ripe. Bourbon is 1/3rd more productive than Typica.

Vive L'Afrique.

  • Origin: Rwanda
  • Region: Ruhango
  • Farmer: Small-holder farmers
  • Altitude: 1650-1850 meters
  • Crop: 2020
  • Cultivar: Red Bourbon*
  • Processing: Washed sun-dried
  • Flavour: Lime cordial, packham pear