GUJI - filter roast - natural ⚡️new crop⚡️


lime cordial/strawberry

Roasted Thursday 2nd December 2021

This lot was processed at the Arsosala Washing Station. The coffee was grown by about 1200 small-holder farmers who have farms in the surrounding area.

The farms are at very high altitudes with coffee grown along with the families' food crops.

The ripe cherries are brought to the washing station after harvesting where they are sorted for under or over-ripe cherries, washed then placed on raised "African" drying beds where they are dried for14-21 days.

This lot is rather unusual as the varietal isn't Ethiopia Landrace as in 99% of coffee grown in Ethiopia but Bourbon, a natural mutation of Typica originating from La Réunion, formerly known as Île Bourbon. Cherries can be either red, yellow, orange or pink when ripe. Bourbon is 1/3rd more productive than Typica.

vive l'Afrique.

  • Origin: Ethiopia
  • RegionGuji
  • Farmer: Smallholder farmers
  • Altitude: 2100-2310 meters
  • Crop: 2020-21
  • CultivarBourbon
  • Processing: Washed, sun-dried
  • Flavour: Lime cordial, strawberry