HAMBELA - filter roast - washed


mandarin/peach/dried papaya

Roasted Friday 20th May 2022

This coffee comes from the Hambela Estate in the Guji region of southern Ethiopia. The farm was gifted to Ethiopia's first female pilot, Muluemebet Emiru, at the end of WWII by the Emperor Haile Selassie. It is now run by Muluemebet's three grandchildren. The farm employs 27 full-time staff, and during the harvest season, there are up to 700 workers onsite. The ripe cherries are picked and run through an eco-pulper, which pulps & removes the mucilage in one step, bypassing the need for fermentation. The coffee is then dried on raised beds.

This lot is Ethiopia Landrace. Ethiopia has many thousands of indigenous coffee varieties, we've seen figures of between 6-10000. Some of these have names, there are indeed cultivars {Bourbon74110} & hybrid coffees {Ababuna} available. Ethiopian Landrace are coffees that have come from the coffee forests, these are domesticated, locally adapted traditional varieties.

Vive L'Afrique

  • Origin: Ethiopia
  • Region:Guji
  • Farmer: Aman Adinew
  • Altitude: 1900-22100 meters
  • Crop: 2020-21
  • CultivarEthiopian Landrace
  • Processing: Washed, sun-dried
  • Flavour: Mandarin, peach, dried papaya