JOSÉ ELMER Red Bourbon [natural] filter roast

Another cracker from Peru. José' Red Bourbon is very sweet, clean [for a natural] with flavours of tangerine, peach & Turkish delight. We also have his washed lot too.

Roasted on 20 MAY 2024

    About the farmer(s)

    José Elmer Red Bourbon [natural] — Peru

    José along with his son, manages the 3-hectare farm El Diamante. Located in Jaen, Cajamarca in Peru's Northern Highlands, high in the Andes. Having such a small farm, José concentrates on producing high-quality coffee. José grows Caturra, Castillo, Catuai, Geisha, Maragogype & this Red Bourbon cultivar.

    This lot was processed using the natural method. Coffee cherries once harvested are floated in water tanks & sorted for under/over ripe cherries & foreign material, leaves, sticks, etc, & then placed on tarps to dry in the sun for 14-21 days. The dry cherry flesh is then mechanically removed.

    • region Jaen, Cajamarca
    • farm/farmer El Diamante
    • altitude 1800 meters
    • crop 2023
    • cultivar Red Bourbon
    • process Natural

    Bourbon is a natural mutation of Typica originating from La Réunion {until 1848 known as Île Bourbon}. The coffee was planted in 1708 by the French who acquired seeds from the Dutch, who in turn acquired them from Yemen. Colour of the cherries is  due to a recessive gene, they can be either pink, yellow, orange or like this offering, red when ripe. Bourbon is 1/3rd more productive than Typica.