JOSE MANUEL GALLARDO ARAUZ - Geisha - 2020 day-lot - limited filter roast 🌈new🌈 pre-order


Lot 1 - 24 ENE - rhubarb/hubba bubba/berry

Lot 2 - 22 FEB - lemon verbena/dried apricot

Lot 3 - 18 MAR - guava/funk/strawberry/nashi pear

Lot 4 - 14 ABR - orange blossom/blackberry

***re-order roasting Wednesday 16th June 2021***

This is a one-off limited filter roast. The pack contains 4 x 75g Geisha day-lots harvested about a month apart from José's farm Finca Nuguo.

History - José's father started planting coffee in Jurutungo, Panama, in the '60s. Planting Typica, Caturra & Catuai. Eventually, the business has grown to five farms. La Santa 1000 meters, Zambrano 1100 meters, Guisado 1200 meters, Santa Clara 1350 meters & Nuguo 1850 meters. In 2006 José, after seeing the success other farmers were having with Geisha, started planting it on the higher altitude Finca Nuguo.

Farm - Finca Nuguo is nestled between La Amistad International Park (Central America's largest rainforest reserve) to the north & the Costa Rican border on the south. The location & environment of the farm can prove challenging. Temperatures at night are quite cold with lots of wind & high rainfall. Jose thinks that these rough conditions lower the production but intensify the flavours.

Processing - José is obsessive about growing & processing coffee. Selecting the best seeds, taking great care of the plants, then harvesting only ripe cherries & keeping each day's harvest separate. These day-lots are all naturally processed. The ripe cherries are placed in water tanks so any immature cherries & foreign matter can be removed. The cherries are then placed on raised African beds to sun-dry for around 7 days. They are then taken indoors to a controlled environment where they dry for about three months at 20 degrees Celcius & 40% humidity.

*Geisha - In 1931 a British ambassador picked a selection of coffee berries in Southwest Ethiopia near a town called Gesha. In 1932 the seeds were sent to Kenya, then in 1936 seedlings were sent to Uganda & Tanzania. In the mid 50's seeds were sent to Costa Rica where trials began. In 1963 Don Pachi Serracin brought some seeds to Panama, but attempts to grow Geisha were axed due to poor taste.....{most likely caused by growing the plants at too low an altitude}. Geisha was then forgotten about until in 2002 Daniel Peterson decided to cup coffee from different parts of the farm & came across this extraordinary coffee we know as Geisha.

  • OriginPanama
  • Region: Jurutango
  • Farm: Finca Nuguo
  • Farmer: Josê Manuel Gallardo Araúz
  • Crop: 2020
  • Altitude: 1850 meters
  • Cultivar: *Geisha
  • Processing: Washed - controlled fermentation
  • Flavour: 22 Ene - rhubarb/hubba/bubba/berry, 22Feb - lemon verbena, dried apricot, 19 Mar - guava, funk, strawberry, nashi pear, 14 Abr - orange blossom, blackberry