KAINAMUI filter roast

We last had coffee from the Kainamui Coffee Factory over 5 years ago. We’re pretty happy to offer it again. This lot is sweet & syrupy, with flavours of ripe, hand-staining boysenberry drizzled with a little Ribena cordial.

Roasted on 14 MAY 2024

About the farmer(s)

Kainamui — Kenya

Kainamui Coffee Factory is one of three coffee factories owned by the Ngariama Farmers' Cooperative Society. The factory was built in 1963 & processes the coffee of 2000 co-op members. The washing station is located in Ngariama, on the slopes of Mt. Kenya. The average farm is small, planted with 200 coffee plants.
At harvest, coffee cherries are hand-picked & then taken to the factory the same day. They are washed & sorted to remove over/under-ripe cherries & foreign material. The cherries are then de-pulped & left to dry ferment for 24 hours. Afterward, the coffee beans are washed, fermented for another 12-24 hours, soaked in fresh water for 24 hours, & then spread out to dry on raised beds for 7-15 days.

Vive L'Afrique

  • region Kirinyaga County
  • farm/farmer Small-holder
  • altitude 1650
  • crop 2023
  • cultivar SL28, Ruiru 11, Batian
  • process Washed

SL28 was bred by Scott Laboratories in 1931 using various coffees from Ethiopia, Sudan & Yemen. Ruiru 11 was developed at the Coffee Research Station in 1985, the aim was to be resistant to coffee leaf rust & coffee berry disease. Batian was developed at the Coffee Research Station for disease resistance & released in 2010.