KOCHERE [natural] filter roast

Roasted on 27 NOV 2023

About the farmers

Kochere — Ethiopia

This coffee was grown by small-holder farmers then processed at the Boji Washing Station in the town of Kochere. Farmers grow coffee on small plots of land along with the families food crops. The soil here is rich in nutrients & the temperature are cool. Under these conditions, coffee cherries develop slowly, increasing in sweetness & developing more complex flavours.

At the washing station, coffee cherries are sorted for any over or under-ripe cherries, floated in water tanks to remove defects, then placed on raised beds to dry. The dried cherry flesh is then mechanically removed once dry.

  • region Boji, Kochere
  • farm/farmer Small-holder farmers
  • altitude 1790–1900 meters
  • crop 2021–2022
  • cultivar Ethiopian Landrace
  • process Natural

This lot is Ethiopia Landrace. Ethiopia has thousands of indigenous coffee varieties. We've seen figures of between 6-10000. Some of these have names. There are cultivars, [Bourbon, 74110] & hybrid coffees [Ababuna] available. Ethiopian Landrace are coffees that have come from the coffee forests. They are domesticated, locally adapted traditional varieties.