LEONID RAMIREZ [anaerobic washed] filter roast

Roasted on 22 NOV 2023

    About the farmers

    Leonid Ramirez — Colombia

    Leonid Lives on his farm - Finca La Cortina with four generations of his family. The farm is located high in the hills above the town of Genova.

    During harvest coffee cherries are selectively hand-picked & then fermented in an anaerobic [oxygen-free] environment for 40 hours., de-pulped & dried on raised beds for 17 days in a parabolic dryer.

    • region Genova, Quindio
    • farm/farmer Finca La Cortina
    • altitude 1900-1950
    • crop 2023
    • cultivar Castillo
    • process Anaerobic Washed

    This lot is 100% Castillo developed by CENICAFE {the Colombian coffee research facility} & released in 2005. It was bred from Caturra & Hybrido de Timor. It is highly resistant to disease & is now the most planted cultivar in Colombia.