LUIS ANIBAL CALDERON - Geisha - filter roast



Roasted Monday 11th November 2019

Luis Aníbal comes from a long line of coffee producers, his family have been growing coffee for over 60 years. At nine years old Luis' father gave him a small plot of land to grow his own coffee.

Coffee is hand-picked, selecting only perfectly ripe cherries. After harvesting the coffee is de-pulped, dry fermented for 30 hours, spread out on raised beds then shade-dried in a parabolic dryer until the ideal moisture content is reached. 

Geisha - In 1931 a British ambassador picked a selection of coffee berries in Southwest Ethiopia near a town called Gesha. In 1932 the seeds were sent to Kenya, then in 1936 seedlings were sent to Uganda & Tanzania. In the mid 50's seeds were sent to Costa Rica where trials began. In 1963 Don Pachi Serracin brought some seeds to Panama, but attempts to grow Geisha were axed due to poor taste.....{most likely caused by growing the plants at too low an altitude}. Geisha was then forgotten about until in 2002 Daniel Peterson decided to cup coffee from different parts of the farm & came across this extraordinary coffee we know as Geisha.

  • Origin: Colombia
  • Region: Pijao, Quinidio
  • Farmer: Luis Aníbal Calderon
  • Farm: Villa Betulia
  • Altitude: 1500-1600 meters
  • Crop: 2019
  • CultivarGeisha
  • Processing: Honey
  • Flavour: Apricot, floral

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