Paola Trujillo Castillo [washed] filter roast


Paola’s washed Castillo is a beauty. Easy to drink, with flavours of blackberry, Louisa plum & ripe honeydew melon.

Roasted 19 JUN 2024

    About the farmer(s)

    Paola Trujillo Castillo — Colombia

    Paola Trujillo is a young, dedicated coffee grower. She and her family own Patio Bonito, an 11-hectare farm, located in Caldono, Cauca.
    Paola and her family are well-known in the area for growing high-quality coffee. There is a large variety of cultivars grown on the farm, Castillo, V. Colombia, Pink Bourbon, Gesha, Bourbon Aji, Sidra, SL28, WushWush, Typica & Laurina.
    Paola studied chemical engineering, & after her studies, she realized she wanted to join the family & support her parents, producing coffee.
    Paola also provides courses and training at the farm for young people, encouraging their knowledge & passion for coffee.

    • region Caldono, Cauca
    • farm/farmer Patio Bonito
    • altitude 1570-1650 meters
    • crop 2024
    • cultivar Castillo
    • process washed

    This lot is 100% Castillo developed by CENICAFE [the Colombian coffee research facility] & released in 2005. It was bred from Caturra & Hybrido de Timor. It is highly resistant to disease & is now the most planted cultivar in Colombia.