LUZ HELENA SALAZAR Caturra lot 362 [washed] filter roast

Lot 362 has a floral aroma & flavours of a lightly spiced Dutch apple pie & butterscotch.
Roasted 11 JUL 2024

    About the farmer(s)

    Luz Helena Salazar Caturra lot 362 [washed] — Colombia

    Luz grew up in the area where she has her farm, La Leona. Luz has been coffee farming for 20 years, initially with the help of her husband Jairo Arcila, she quickly learned the ropes & now produces top-notch coffee herself.

    This lot was processed using the washed method. At harvest, coffee cherries are selectively hand-picked, floated in water to remove defects, de-pulped, fermented underwater for 30 hours & then dried on raised beds for 17 days in a parabolic dryer.

    • region Armenia
    • farm/farmer La Leona
    • altitude 1450-1500 meters
    • crop 2024
    • cultivar Caturra
    • process Washed

    This lot is 100% Caturra, a mutation of Bourbon discovered in Brasil in 1937. The plant is a dwarf so it can be planted close together resulting in more production per hectare. Caturra has good flavour characteristics but is susceptible to disease.