KEBEDE RETA & MARTA ZEWDE [natural] filter roast

Roasted on 27 FEB 2024

      About the farmers

      Kebede Reta & Marta Zewde [natural] — Ethiopia

      Marta Zewde's farm is situated in Banko Gotiti Kebele [town] in Yirga Chefe Woreda [district]. This coffee was processed using the natural method. Coffee cherries were hand-picked when perfectly ripe, sorted to remove defects & under/over-ripe cherries & then sun-dried on raised beds for 21 days. The dried cherry was then mechanically removed at the Israel Iyasu dry mill up the road in Gedeb.

      • region Banko Gotiti
      • farm/farmer Kebede Reta
      • altitude 1900-2300 meters
      • crop 2023
      • cultivar Kurume, Ethiopian Heirloom
      • process Natural

      Kurume is an Ethiopian Landrace cultivar popular with farmers in this region. Kurume is a small plant which can be planted more densely & is easier to harvest than taller plants.