NEL PROTAZIO - filter roast



Roasted Wednesday 26th January 2022

Nel is a 44 year old father of 3. He first started working with coffee at the age of 12. His small farm Sitio Alto Querubim is a 20 minute motorbike ride away from the family home.

On the farm there are 7000 coffee trees with vegetables & grains planted between the rows. There are also cows, pigs & chickens which provide compost & food for the family. Nel uses the community pulping machine to de-pulp his coffee cherries but has his own cement patio, green house & raised beds to dry his coffee.

Catuai is a cross between Mundo Novo & Caturra it was developed in Brasil & released in 1972. The plant is a dwarf, highly productive with good cup quality.


  • OriginBrasil
  • RegionSerra do Caparaó
  • Farm: Sitio Alto Querubim
  • Farmer: Nel Protazio
  • Crop: 2020-2021
  • Altitude: 1400 meters
  • CultivarRed Catuai*
  • Processing: Pulped natural
  • Flavour: Rockmelon, raspberry