NICHOL COLBRAN [natural] filter roast

Our first PNG since about 2009. This natural from Nichol is a doozy, very juicy & sweet with funky, super-ripe flavours of papaya & passionfruit.

Roasted on  26 FEB2024

About the farmers

Nichol Colbran natural — Papua New Guinea

Nichol's father, Ben started Baroida Estate in 1963, moving the whole family from New Zealand. Ben planted the farm from scratch, firstly using farming systems borrowed from Kenya & then evolving them for the environment in PNG. When Ben sold the farm & moved to Australia in 1979, Nichol stayed on as farm manager, & then in 1997 he purchased the farm back. This lot was handpicked & processed using the natural method. Coffee cherries were sorted to remove any defects then placed on raised beds to dry.

  • region Kainantu, Eastern Highlands
  • farm/farmer Baroida
  • altitude 1700-1850 meters
  • crop 2023
  • cultivar Arusha, Bourbon, Mundo Novo
  • process Natural

Bourbon is a natural mutation of Typica originating from La Réunion {until 1848 known as Île Bourbon}. The coffee was planted in 1708 by the French who acquired seeds from the Dutch, who in turn acquired them from Yemen. Colour of the cherries is  due to a recessive gene, they can be either pink, yellow, orange or red when ripe. Bourbon is 1/3rd more productive than Typica. Mundo Novo is a natural cross between Bourbon & Typica, discovered in the town of Novo Mundo in 1946. Arusha is a Bourbon selection discovered in Tanzania.