Paola Trujillo Pink Bourbon [washed] filter roast

This washed Pink Bourbon lot from Paola is a beauty. It has flavours of sweet boysenberry, rose-hip tea & granny smith apple.

Roasted 10 JUL 2024

      About the farmer(s)

      Paola Trujillo Pink Bourbon — Colombia

      Paola Trujillo is a young, dedicated coffee grower. She and her family own Patio Bonito, an 11-hectare farm located in Caldono, Cauca.
      Paola and her family are well-known in the area for growing high-quality coffee. There is a large variety of cultivars grown on the farm, Castillo, V. Colombia, Pink Bourbon, Gesha, Bourbon Aji, Sidra, SL28, WushWush, Typica & Laurina.
      Paola studied chemical engineering, & after her studies, she realized she wanted to join the family & support her parents, producing coffee.
      Paola also provides courses and training at the farm for young people, encouraging their knowledge & passion for coffee.

      • region Caldono, Cauca
      • farm/farmer Patio Bonito
      • altitude 1570-1650 meters
      • crop 2024
      • cultivar Pink Bourbon
      • process Washed

      This lot is 100% Pink Bourbon, a natural mutation of Typica originating from what was called Île Bourbon. The colour of the cherries can be either yellow, red, orange, or in this case pink when ripe. The "pink" mutation was first noticed at a farm in San Adolfo, Huila, Colombia.