REFISA [washed] filter roast

Roasted on 27 NOV 2023

      About the farmers

      REFISA — Ethiopia

      This coffee was grown by 648 small-holder farmers located around the village of Nansebo. Farmers grow coffee along with their food crops.

      During harvest, ripe cherries are picked daily, then delivered to Refisa Washing Station in the afternoon. At the washing station, cherries are hand sorted, floated in water to remove defects, de-pulped, wet fermented for 2-3 days, soaked in clean water for 6-12 hours & finally dried on raised beds until the moisture content reaches 11%.

      • region West Arsi
      • farm/farmer Small holder farmers
      • altitude 1800–1970m
      • crop 2021–22
      • cultivar Wolisho, Kurume
      • process Washed, sun-dried

      Wolisho & Kurume are both ancient Ethiopian Landrace cultivars. These are popular with farmers in Guji & Yirgacheffe. Wolisho is a tall plant with large beans. Kurume is a small plant with small cherries.