ROCKET - Espresso Blend


The coffees that make up our espresso blend change with the season.

{64% Finca La Falda - Colombia} Caturra & Colombia

La Falda is a 13 hectare farm in Timaná, Colombia. Argemiro Vargas Nuñez was born & raised in the area where the farm is located. Argemiro is passionate about coffee. He studied agricultural business administration, then worked for the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation {FNC} for almost 30 years, during this time he purchased La Falda.

  • Origin: Colombia
  • Region: Huila
  • Farmer: Argemiro Vargas Nunez
  • Altitude: 1490-1850 masl
  • Cultivar{s}: V. Colombia, Caturra
  • Processing: Washed & sun-dried
  • Flavour: Maple syrup, nectarine


{36% La Torre - Guatemala} Caturra & Catuai

La Torre is a twelve hectare coffee farm in the Acatenango valley. The farm was inherited by the Pérez brothers from their father. Ernesto the current owner is 73 years old & has been looking after the farm for 41 years. He has help from his family including one of his sons who is an agricultural engineer. Ernesto feels spoilt by the regions thick, heavy forest surrounding the farm & the rich volcanic soil from the frequent eruptions of nearby Volcan de Fuego.

    • Origin: GUATEMALA
    • Region: ACATENANGO
    • Altitude: 1700-1800M
    • Varietal: BOURBON & CATUAI
    • Processing: WASHED & SUN-DRIED


    • Dose: 18g
    • Brew weight: 40g
    • Brew time: 25-35 seconds


    • Dose: 18g
    • Brew weight: 22-27g
    • Brew time: 25-35 seconds

      This is what we serve at the bar in the roastery, it is always being critiqued & always under development.

      To develop our blend we start with fresh coffee samples, we roast them in our 20's Probat sample roaster then line them up on the cupping table, we look for coffee that has a good deal of natural sweetness, we may find tropical fruit note in a Colombian, citrus in a Burundi or dark fruity chocolate & creamy body in a Brasil. 

      When the coffee lands we work out a suitable roasting profile, then roast fresh every day, Monday to Friday. 

      We find our espresso best from the 5th day to 2 weeks after roasting so buy little & buy often.

      ⚡️For any help on coffee brewing of all methods i.e. espresso, plunger etc fire an email through to⚡️

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