ROCKET single origin espresso subscription

If you like your espresso on the fruity side, or you want a slightly darker filter option, then this is for you. The first bag will be sent the day you order, then once a fortnight.

We work pretty hard sourcing our coffees, sample roasting & cupping hundreds of coffee samples every year.

We look for special lots that are sweet, clean & juicy, with unique & memorable flavour.

Our single-origin espresso subscription will be from a different farm with information about the farmer/s, coffee cultivar & processing method.

They are lightly roasted, best enjoyed black, but still a viable option for milk or even a darker roasted filter brew.

Choose either 6 deliveries [3 months] or 12 deliveries [6 months] 250g or 500g will be sent once a fortnight. Postage is included.

Brew guide

This is a light espresso roast. Roasted to bring out the fruity flavours of the coffee. This style of roast is best suited for black espresso based drinks. That said, you can still make a tasty flat white out of this roast.

  1. Black

    • dose 18g
    • Brew weight 40-45g
    • Brew time 25-30 seconds
  2. White

    • dose 18g
    • Brew weight 27-36g
    • Brew time 30 seconds

For any help on coffee brewing of all methods i.e. espresso, plunger etc fire an email through to