SEBASTIÁN GOMEZ Geisha [natural] filter roast

This Geisha from Sebastián is great. Funky? yes it is... but with so many fruity flavours, orange cordial, passionfruit & fejoa jam. If you get a bag of this, drink it over a 4-6 weeks & let the flavours develop.

Roasted 08 JUL 2024

          About the farmer(s)

          Sebastián Gomez Geisha [natural] — Colombia

          Sebastián had been living in Bogota for 8 years before returning home to take over the management of his father's coffee farm.
          His father had been growing commodity coffee, but Sebastián convinced him to plant coffees that receive a better income, like this Geisha & Pink Bourbon.
          Sebastián & his wife now take care of all the farm & administration work.
          After harvesting, the coffee cherries were floated & hand-sorted to remove defects. The cherries were then sun-dried on raised beds at temperatures not exceeding 35℃.

          • region Circasia
          • farm/farmer La Divisa
          • altitude 1700-1800 meters
          • crop 2024
          • cultivar Geisha
          • process Natural

          In 1931, a British ambassador picked a selection of coffee berries in Southwest Ethiopia near a village called Gesha. In 1932 seeds from these plants were sent to Kenya. In 1936 seedlings were sent to Uganda & Tanzania. In the mid 50's seeds were sent from Tanzania to Costa Rica, where trials began. In 1963 Don Pachi Serracin brought some Geisha seeds to Panama, but attempts to grow Geisha were axed due to poor flavour, [most likely caused by the plants growing at too low an altitude]. Geisha, was then forgotten about until 2002 when Daniel Peterson from Hacienda Esmerada decided to cup coffee from different parts of his farm & came across this extraordinary coffee we know as Geisha.