THAITA - filter roast



Roasted Tuesday 15th October 2019

Thaita is one of eleven coffee factories {washing stations} owned by members of the Inoi Farmers Cooperative Society {FCS}. It is very small with two full time staff & five casual workers at harvest time.

The Thaita Coffee Factory is actually in a major tea growing area & was built in the 1983 to processes the coffee from its 770 co-op members. The average farm size is 1/2 an acre with around 300 coffee trees.

Coffee cherries are selectively hand picked & taken to the coffee factory the same day. There they are sorted for any over or under ripe cherries, de-pulped, fermented, washed & sun-dried on raised beds for 7-15 days.

At the factory there is a demonstration plot where farmers are taught various coffee growing practises throughout the year.

SL34 is a mutation of French Mission Bourbon selected by Scott Laboratories in the 30's. Ruiru 11 was developed at the Coffee Research Station in 1985 to be resistant to coffee leaf rust & coffee berry disease. K7 was selected by a farmer R. H. Walker from French Mission Bourbon on his farm in 1936 after showing signs of resistance to coffee berry disease & coffee leaf rust {K7 is no longer disease resistant}.

  • Origin: Kenya
  • RegionKirinyaga
  • FarmerInoi FCS
  • Altitude: 1783 meters
  • Crop: 2018-19
  • Cultivars: SL34, Ruiru 11, K7
  • Processing: Washed & sun-dried
  • FlavourHoneysuckle, Mandarin

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