Veronica Mego Caturra [washed] filter roast

Veronica’s coffee is delicious, very sweet with flavours of ripe mandarin & maple syrup.

Roasted on 20 MAY 2024

    About the farmer(s)

    Veronica Mego Caturra [washed] — Peru

    Veronica produced this Caturra lot on a small plot of land on her father's coffee farm. She has been working on the farm & will take over one day, but in the meantime, she has total control over this small part.

    This lot was hand-picked when fully ripe, sorted to remove defects & then fermented for three days in large plastic bags. After this stage, the coffee was de-pulped, washed & then sun-dried for 15 days.

    • region Cajamarca
    • farm/farmer Cutervo
    • altitude 1800-1900 Meters
    • crop 2023
    • cultivar Caturra
    • process Washed

    This lot is 100% Caturra- it is a mutation of Bourbon discovered in Brasil in 1937. The plant is a dwarf so it can be planted close together resulting in more production per hectare. Caturra has good flavour characteristics but is susceptible to disease.