new {old} roaster is finished

our new {old} Petroncini is finally ready, there were a few trying moments, two bolts that took a few minutes to take apart, took two hours to get back together, we also had a box of miscellaneous parts that we had to guess where  they went......

this has been quite a long time coming, the roaster was supposed to arrive in January, but the guy we got it from in Bologna didn't book a container so it sat in a box in Genoa for a few months before the five week journey to nz, so after many months of waiting we managed to roast our first batch, it was pretty good for the first roast, a blend of old samples used to season the roaster, we made a few espressos then dumped the rest of the batch into the compost.

now we will tweak the roaster, adjusting the burner controls and airflow, decide what batch sizes and temperatures work best, then we will start work on some new blends.

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