Our espresso blend at the moment is 35% Colombian which comes from Association Los Naranjos in San Augustin, Huila. It is a great coffee on it's own, honey sweetness with fresh sweet citrus flavours.

watch this fantastic video featuring Association Los Naranjos, from Cafe Imports who sourced this lot.

Now for the burundiathon bit........

The remaining 65% of the espresso blend is from Burundi.

I've always enjoyed coffee from Burundi, it's small, landlocked & had it's fair share of problems, but the coffee can be spectacular, they have many washing stations where the smallholder farmers can take ripe cherry to sell, the coffee is then sold under the name of the washing station.

I received about 20 Burundi samples but there were so many I liked I couldn't decide on one so I got 7 different lots, enough for about two weeks in the espresso blend each, they are:

Kayanza Kiziba lot 4 {medium dark chocolate with baking spices} gone

Gatare Kayanza lot 2 {mexican milk chocolate} gone

Gatare Kayanza lot 1 {sweet, dried fruit, lemon} gone

Kayanza Kiryama lot 3 {citrus, sweet nut, chocolate} gone

Kayanza Bwayi lot 2 {sweet, juicy, floral} gone 

Kayanza Kinyovu lot 3 {tropical fruit, dark cherry} gone

Kayanza Kinyovu lot 4 {rich chocolate, lemon, honey} gone


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